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An affiliate is someone who sells and/or provides sales leads.
There are 3 types of affiliate selling:
Direct SellerSomeone who aquires a customer and sells subscriptions.
Sales Lead Provider/PromoterProvides the contact information and all the details required for succesful selling for a potential customer the site and we do the selling. A web site that include a link or banner is considered a promoter.
Sales Lead Provided SellerYou are provided you with the contact information for potential customers and you sell to them
Commission Payments
Commissions will be paid every 3 months, on a Quarterly basis. As you increase the number of sales, your commssion rate goes up the next tier.
When a new Quarter begins, you start building up your sales numbers for the next commission period.
Commission Pay Periods
January 1 - March 31April 1 - June 30
July 1 - September 30October 1 - December 31
Affiliate Commission Tier Rates
Min SalesMax SalesCommission Rate
: Direct_Seller
: Sales_Lead_Provided_Seller
: Sales_Lead_Provider/Promoter
Please Note
1) These Commission Tiers are subject to change at any time.
2) You can make sales under the different seller types. Each type will get calculated separately and you will receive individual checks for each affiliate selling type.
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